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Moni & Jake. Toronto Family Session


Moni and Jake are such an easy going couple, it was pure joy hanging out with them and their adorable little boys a few weeks ago!


Cassandra and Andre. Burlington Wedding


I am so excited to share this gorgeous wedding of Cassandra and Andre that took place this past February! What a beautiful day for a wedding! It felt like spring – sunny and warm!
They picked the most amazing location in Burlington – Paletta Mansion, and put a lot of thought into every little detail!
I am so thankful Cassandra and Andre decided to bring me and my wonderful assistant Dee of Everyday Deelights to be a part of their celebration!

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Taeko & Scott


I never get tired of bringing couples to High Park for portrait sessions. Especially such sweet and beautiful couples as Taeko and her fiancé Scott!! We got to enjoy another sunny winter day in Toronto and explore areas I’ve never been to before, thanks to our lovely companion Maya – the most photogenic dog I’ve ever met! Looking forward to the wedding day and celebrating Taeko and Scott’s marriage!!

Ali & Kyle


It was so awesome to be invited by Irina of The Love Documentary to help her photograph some of Kyle and Ali’s wedding day! This gorgeous couple got married at Storys Building – beautiful venue right in heart of Downtown Toronto. The beautiful flowers are by Pink Twig.

Ioana & Peter. Wedding


We spent an amazing day with this lovely couple! Loved every single detail – from gorgeous flowers and the bride’s dress to the beautifully decorated downtown venue – Crush Wine Bar, and lots of dancing! Congratulations to Ioana and Peter on such a beautiful wedding!!